For us too, the ingredients make the difference.

Not only in the kitchen, even in the processing and production of cookware the result depends on the ability to select quality raw materials and to combine them wisely so that the products have three fundamental characteristics:


Regardless of the intended use, lightness and manageability are essential requirements for any kitchen utensil we produce. Furthermore, to meet the specific needs of each sector, we produce sets of pots with the most varied lines, sizes and finishes.


Aluminum itself is a metal known for its strength. Nevertheless, it is our concern to make sure that the non-stick cookware we produce has an adequate thickness to guarantee maximum resistance to shocks, abrasions and corrosion so that maintenance is occasional.


Our non-stick aluminum pots and pans are particularly appreciated for the high suitable thermal conductivity and at the same time for the homogeneous distribution of heat. But what differentiates our productions is above all the guarantee of safety from a hygienic point of view.

Our experience at your disposal.

We have been producing 100% Made in Italy non-stick aluminum cookware for third parties, since 1997.

The beginning of our business dates back to 1997 when, in a small town in the province of Brescia, Ivan Ramera decided to found Penta Snc. Shortly after, in 2001 the company was transferred to Chiari (BS) in what is still the administrative and operational headquarters of the company.

Here, thanks to the expansion of the rooms and the enhancement of the technologies provided, we immediately specialized in the production of non-stick aluminum pans for third parties. Over the years we have acquired greater skills, invested in new machinery and close collaborations with the largest national leaders in the sector. Reasons why today we are able to respond to any request for the supply of lines and batteries for professional, household, corporate and industrial use, following their production in full.

Practicality, resistance and a taste for quality.

At our headquarters in Chiari (BS) we follow the entire production cycle of aluminum pots, pans and pans, collaborating with the most renowned national brands in the sector. From the molding phase to the customized finishing, we meticulously respect all production standards and seek the highest level of quality in every process.
Metal stamping

We model the aluminum disc to give it the most suitable shape and size for its intended use.


We remove defects and imperfections on the edges and grind the bottom to make it more stable.

Handles assembly

We fix the tool handles by riveting or welding them according to the supply needs.

Extra services

At the customer’s request we also carry out packaging, palletizing and shipping services. All this for the purpose of producing third party productions for household, corporate, industrial use as well as for restaurants and accommodation facilities.

We have a taste for quality.

Proof of this is the long-standing collaboration with the Italian leaders in the sector.

Within our factory we operate with constantly evolving machinery, we have two production lines for the welded and one line for the riveted.

Our aluminum pots and pans are profiled with extremely precise presses. We guarantee maximum attention to the specific needs of the customer, accuracy in finishing, product durability and compliance with deadlines.

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